Ah, the 4th of July weekend. Time for grilled hot-dogs, charred skin, and sand between your toes. But this year it's shaping up to look like a mash-up sequel based on Point Break and Jaws.

Yesterday we told you how authorities in Ventura County were warning that great white sharks have been spotted off the coast (and are chowing down on sea lions). Now wave forecaster Surfline states that a dangerous south swell is headed toward Southern California:

Strong 5-8' surf (face height) in South facing areas by Sunday through Tuesday. Maximum surf in Orange County 8-10'+, Wedge 10-15'+++. Very Dangerous Period Sunday Morning July 4th with newly arriving swell. As new swell begins to arrive, very intermittent and occasional large waves could suddenly surprise and sweep unsuspecting persons off steep beaches, rocks, tide pools, jetties, break walls.

(Shivers in his board shorts). Note the “+++.” That's a few +s too many if you ask us.

We like how television weather forecasters are always telling us these kinds of conditions are for “expert swimmers only.” It makes it sound like there's wiggle room for someone with a 20-year-old body board. There isn't.

You know how to tell if you should be in the water when 10-foot waves are breaking? Answer yes to all of these questions and you might be good:

-Do you own a wetsuit?

-Is your board of choice made of “glass” over foam instead of a sponge-like material?

-Can you walk to the sand from the parking lot without getting winded?

-Does Sunny Garcia scare you? (Good — that's healthy).

-Do you know anyone else in the lineup by name?

-Do you know CPR?

Things to think about.

Don't be a hero.

LA Weekly