At $178,789 a year, they're some of the highest paid elected city officials in the nation, and seven openings are coming up. San Fernando Valley political activist Ron Kaye is looking for a few good men and women to fill those gigs and he's promising the backing of a “Clean Sweep Campaign” slate to help candidates beat the City Hall incumbents in the March, 2011 election.

“HELP WANTED: Fantastic pay and benefits, luxurious working conditions, huge support staff, prestifious position,” Kaye writes at his site. “Apply now.”

Kaye hopes to put together a slate that will promote transparency and eschew special interests such as powerful unions, cut spending and business taxes, stop doling out jobs to supporters and focus on “core services,” and give neighborhood councils more power.

Clearly inspired by the current budget debacle in which layoffs and cuts have been talked about but mostly shelved in favor of an electricity rate hike, Kaye is targeting the up-for-election seats of Paul Krekorian, Tom LaBonge, Tony Cardenas, Bernard Parks, Herb Wesson, Greig Smith and Jose Huizar.

LA Weekly