Big Freedia is an ass connoisseur. A leading figure on the New Orleans bounce scene, he has helped take vigorous rump shaking to a wider audience through live shows and videos to songs like “Y'All Get Back Now.” That track's video even prompted MTV to nominate Freedia for a Too Much Ass For TV award. (The results will be announced later this month.)

Tonight Freedia performs at the Mayan Theater, making it a fine time to get his run-down of the finest celebrity asses. Bootylicious!

Credit: Big Freedia

Credit: Big Freedia

5. Big Freedia

“Oh my god, I was super excited and proud to have my ass nominated by MTV! My ass is a part of my body that I express myself through dancing. And, hey, it's the ass — everybody looks at the ass! If you come to my show, you'll see a lot of ass shaking, some tricks, and mixing it up and around like a mixer.”

Credit: Buzznet

Credit: Buzznet

4. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has a bone ass! What he does with it is not what we do here in New Orleans, I would say that, but each to his own. In this day and age, everything happens; he has a video [“Born Villain”] that I watched and it wasn't exploiting too much ass but it was definitely in the ass category. Everybody has a different way they represent their ass.”

Credit: Just Jared

Credit: Just Jared

3. Kelly Rowland

“You can have a little bitty ass but it's all about what you do with it — you can put that little bitty ass in motion and make an impact. Kelly Rowland don't have such a big ass but she knows how to work it. She's a slim fit, her ass is a nice size, but she's learned how to work with what she has. Part of that is knowing what to wear to show off the figure and let it get loose. If you have a small ass, you want to wear something loose so you can kinda shake it and let people see it.”

2. Mr. Ghetto's Dancers

“I'd say Mr. Ghetto's dancers in the “Walmart” video have asses that come closest to mine. I think it's because of the same New Orleans-style music they shake it the same way I do. The asses are very plump and very big asses; one of the girls actually used to dance for me so she knows exactly what she's doing.”

1. Beyonce

“Beyonce is my number one favorite celebrity ass. She has a very lovely ass and she works it really well. You get a vibe from the way she shakes it and the way she puts in the feel behind it — she makes it pop out. She makes you want to look at her ass while she's dancing, like in the “Get Me Bodied” video. I'm sure Jay-Z is a fan of her ass; that's why he got with her — her ass brought him to her!”

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