The whole private-jet-with-an-entourage smuggling scheme sounds like something a teenager would dream up, and we're guessing it might have worked in the past. But this time the move unraveled for a Beverly Hills woman, authorities allege. They say Lisette Lee, her bodyguard and two personal assistants were arrested at the Columbus, Ohio airport after a tipster told federal drug agents she had a suspicious volume of luggage on her private-jet flight. Suspicious was right: According to the Associated Press, Drug Enforcement Administration officials say they found …

… 506 pounds of marijuana in 13 suitcases that allegedly belong to the 28-year-old. Cocaine, drug paraphernalia and ledgers indicating $300,000 worth of transactions were also found after the suspect and her entourage disembarked from the chartered plane, authorities alleged.

That's a lot weed. We wonder if any of it came from the stock rooms of some of those several-hundred pot shops that are supposed to be closing down in L.A.

Lee was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs with intent to distribute them. She reportedly said it was the forth of similar private-jet trips out of Van Nuys. Authorities alleged that the woman admitted to being involved in weapons violations and money laundering.

Nice try, but, if true, they got greedy. Six, maybe eight, suitcases for a debutante is about right. 13? That's just bad luck.

LA Weekly