You're from Beverly Hills. You're rich. You smuggle pounds from a medical-pot state to Ohio illegally?

Yep. Lisette Lee on Friday pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute more weed. Lots of it. But she only really faces about 10 years. Why? Seems like, despite the 2,000 pounds she copped to, Lee probably cooperated with prosecutors and made a deal.

Here's what authorities said she did:

The 29-year-old was one of the ringleaders of a scheme to bring as much as 7,000 total pounds of bud from this, the green state, to Ohio via suitcases carried aboard private jets from 2009 to spring 2010.

Sounds genius to us: A rich woman from Beverly Hills makes trips back and forth to Ohio on nice, secluded, private jets. What's to suspect?

(We think her undoing is that she wore too much makeup. Maybe it raised eyebrows. Penciled-in, chola-like eyebrows).

Authorities say the ring made $3 million shipping pot to the Midwest.

Five others were arrested as part of the alleged ring, but authorities believe more were involved (and let us just guess here that Lee's going to help them find these folks).

“Obviously other people were involved in the case,” assistant U.S. attorney Tim Pritchard said, according to NPR. “We're continuing to look as we were from the first day.”

Hide the stuff.


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