Beverly Hills is the luxury mecca of the United States and the epicenter of a larger-than-life if not mythic lifestyle seen on TV (Beverly Hillbillies, Beverly Hills 90210, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills … ).

So a recent tracking of shopping habits should confirm the ultra-high-end buying habits of the inhabitants of this gilded city, no?

No. Actually, the shoppers of Beverly Hills have the tastes of a Midwestern school mom …

… because one of the favorite brands in the 90210 and beyond is Guess — that bastion of tarted-up looks once pimped by Anna Nichole Smith and usually made in China. (Of course, Guess founder Georges Marciano is a Beverly Hills landowner. Maybe this is about local loyalty).

Beverly Hillsians also apparently like Juicy Couture (see a pattern here?), that brand of butt-hugging velour sweats favored by MILFs in heat.

This according to Shop It To Me (via Racked LA), which compiled self-reported data on brand favoritism here.

Is there any fashion discrimination in Beverly Hills?

Well, locals also like Fendi and Ralph Lauren, so there's hope. Here's Shop It To Me's take:

The news “perhaps reveals the tastes of an older, more seasoned audience. Mom lives in 90210 and buys Ralph Lauren, while daughter lives in 90077 and shops for Vince cashmere sweaters and Prada bags.”

Hollywood, it seems, is not so far away: Shoppers there go for Steve Madden, designer of those disposable-but-trendy shoes, and Victoria's Secret.

Is this more Beverly Hills or Hollywood?; Credit: Victoria's Secret

Is this more Beverly Hills or Hollywood?; Credit: Victoria's Secret

See, it's only a few zip codes before you're into moderately priced lingerie and matching stripper shoes. Hold fast.

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