With the national spotlight on it, the Beverly Hills Board of Education decided to phase out students from outside city limits to attend its schools, with all high schoolers being allowed to complete their educations in the city, but with the rest being cut.

The Beverly Hills Courier, meanwhile, published a headline on its site that says “NY Times, LA Times Get Story Wrong, Permit Resolution Found: Some Students Can Stay.” The New York newspaper reported that the board “voted to dismiss roughly 470 students.”

In fact, the New York Times got it right, reporting that “no children below high school age would be allowed to renew their permits, with the exception of seventh graders.” The Courier, however, states that the number of students being immediately dropped from the district is “200-plus.” The New York Times had it as 470, but that seems to be a count of the eventual phase out of almost all outside students (with the exception of some children of city workers, children of alumni whose parents live in the city, and some poor children).

The Los Angeles Times, as far as we can tell, didn't really get the story, period, sending a reporter to the meeting to get parents' emotional views, but failing to give an update of the vote.

Beverly Hills schools had long educated several hundred students from outside district boundaries because the state gave the district money, $6,239, on a per-student basis and it was worth the schools' while. But the state changed that formula, and now city taxes must be tapped. “This is a community trying to take care of its own,” resident and parent Genevieve Peters is quoted in the New York Times as saying.

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