The people who run Beverly Hills High School really, really, really don't want a subway rumbling underneath their fine, telegenic campus.

And so, less than a week after the Metro board approved a leg that would run under the iconic 90210 institution, the Beverly Hills School District has filed suit in an attempt to make it stop.

They will lose, but …

… the suit could prolong the time it takes to build this much-awaited line that can take you from downtown to Koreatown and, someday, Westwood.

The suit, filed yesterday, claims that Metro ignored potentially dangerous issues and allegedly dire environmental consequences in order to run the thing under BHHS and toward a stop in the center of Century City.

The backstory, as we've reported previously, is that Metro originally drew up a northern route that would run along Santa Monica Boulevard and stop on the north side of Century City.

But the southern stop on Constellation Boulevard would bring a station right underneath a high rise planned by non other than a friend of and contributor to L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa, who happens to hold much sway on the Metro board.

You're catching our drift.

But … the school district's claims that methane gas in the area around the school and other dangers are just too risky for subway construction have been largely debunked by well-respected scientists such as Lucy Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Metro had nothing to say late yesterday. But the schools' lawyer, Kevin Brogan, put this out there:

The BHUSD supports the Westside Subway Extension and did not want to

file this lawsuit. But Metro's purported consideration of the Santa Monica Boulevard station location was nothing more than lip service, and its headlong rush to approve the alignment before all studies were finalized left BHUSD no choice.

[With reporting from City News Service / @dennisjromero / / @LAWeeklyNews]

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