The Beverly Hills Unified School District Parent-Teacher Associations have released one heck of a doomsday video to protest a possible subway tunnel underneath the Beverly Hills High School campus.

With a solemn voiceover that declares, “Methane gas, toxic chemicals, and teenagers don't mix,” it rivals the infamous “Daisy” political ad President Lyndon Baines Johnson used against Republican candidate Barry Goldwater — the ad strongly suggested that nuclear war was likely if Goldwater was elected president in 1964.

The Beverly Hills video, titled “No Subway Under BHHS,” offers the worst-case scenario that methane and toxic chemicals are “on the verge of exploding at Beverly High.”

It's already received nearly 4,000 views on YouTube, and an overwhelmingly majority of them are probably Beverly Hills folks who hate the idea of a tunnel underneath the high school campus.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, by the way, has set a date for a hearing on the Westside subway route through Beverly Hills. On May 17, Metro and Beverly Hills officials will square off and examine why a tunnel should or should not go underneath the campus. Fireworks are expected.

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