Better Watch Out: L.A.’s Christmas Krampus Run

She was a good little girlShe was a good little girl, but still got a picture with the Krampus.
Last night at Downtown Art Walk hundreds gathered in the rain and watched with uncomfortable glee as the Christmas Krampus ran amok.  Krampus, as you may or may not know, is the malevolent devil-like figure of German and Austrian folklore who has a passion for punishing naughty children on Krampus night, or Krampusnacht.  Traditionally, participants dress as various incarnations of the horned demon and march through town frightening children and adults alike on the Krampuslauf (Krampus run). Krampus Los Angeles, a group dedicated to preserving the tradition of the mythical monster – and who also organized the downtown Krampus run – invited the Austrian Krampus group, Moor Troupe, to partake in the Yuletide madness with their American counterparts.  According to Krampus L.A. this is the first time that a European Krampus group has visited North America in a large scale.  
There was definitely a good time to be had downtown on Winston St., but first the Krampus had to make their way along Hollywood Blvd., swing by the Chinese Theatre, and use their Tap cards to get onto the Metro.  Better watch out, the Krampus are coming!  All Photos by Jared Cowan.

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