To some people, yoga isn’t about opening chakras or energizing kundalini — rather, it’s about defining abs and building granite-crushing buttocks. Earth’s Power Yoga is the place for these athletes. Billing itself as “the toughest yoga class on earth,” it is frequented by boxers, runners, weightlifters and, of course, actors, who rely on the vigorous vinyasa-style classes to give them a body mass index that would make Madonna weep. A gong relaxation session at the end of your class is about all the time you’ll need to “meditate” — on how hot you look, duh! Oh, and the only thing more challenging than the workout is the parking — of course, supertoned EPY devotees swear it’s worth it. 7901 Melrose Ave., #208, Hlywd. (323) 655-9642, —Caroline Ryder

LA Weekly