If you’re one of those harried types whose mind is all over the map, power yoga can rein you in within minutes. And the best man for the job is Mark Blanchard, owner of Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga Center, whose sweat-inducing classes take you through a whirlwind series of strong poses. There’s no incense, new-agey music, heated rooms or goofy props to master. It’s just you and the mat for 90 minutes of flowing movement. Blanchard begins with a simple standing pose to get you grounded. Movements then progress from the elementary to the advanced so quickly that there’s no time to compose shopping lists in your head or even worry about whether you can do the pose. You just do it. Or at least you try, because Blanchard has a masterfully inspiring way of coaxing students. Neophytes and athletes attend the same classes, united by Blanchard’s soothing voice, precise instruction and physical demonstrations. “It’s about limitless possibility,” he says. So let him support you as you try a backbend, headstand or half moon. You’ll feel as if you can fly. 4344 Tujunga Ave., Studio City, (818) 769-6427; the Reserve Building, 409 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 304, dwntwn., (213) 488-0820, markblanchardyoga.com. —Heidi Dvorak

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