Vacation Records entered life in L.A. 18 months ago, at the same time as the opening of Origami Records on Sunset, Little Radio on 2nd Street downtown, and the bizarre BBQ-psych-punk hybrid known as Territory Records. Little Radio and Territory are gone, but Origami — ensconced amid all things Echo — and Vacation have thrived with their attention to niche music and odd formats. Origami’s concentration is indie and pop, while Vacation serves up some of the best psychedelia in heavy syrup to come along since Kraut- and Frog-rock. Dealing in new and used vinyl, Vacation moved to Sunset Junction two months ago from their former Hollywood digs, trafficking in massive slabs of vinyl LPs, 7-inches and cassettes and producing free live-in stores every week. Co-owned by record label Hydra Head and comic book store Secret Headquarters, Vacation stole away store operator Pete Majors from Amoeba Records, where he worked as a used record buyer. Vacation works directly with bands and labels as much as possible to stock the store — especially if they’re L.A.-based. The most-desired records for vinyl reissue are Japanese psych heavyweights Boris’ “Heavy Rocks” and “Flood” LPs. But there’s a whole store full of desirable records waiting to be panted after. 3815 W. Sunset Blvd., Sunset Junction. (323) 666-2111,
—David Cotner

LA Weekly