Who's buried at Grant's tomb? That's a tough one, and for punk rockers a similar trivia question/existential riddle might be: Which member of the Ramones is buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery? (Hint: It's not the late Johnny Ramone, although his iconic statue presides over the picturesque boneyard, whose current tenants include Fay Wray, Mel Blanc, Iron Eyes Cody, Marion Davies and Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Jr.) It's also not former members C.J. Ramone and original drummer Tommy Ramone, who'll be on hand to sign autographs at tonight's creature-double-feature screening of the 3-D version of 1968's Night of the Living Dead and the ironically titled 1977 Ramones concert flick, It's Alive, as part of a benefit for the Johnny Ramone Research Fund at the USC Westside Prostate Cancer Center . The classic band from NYC is having quite the busy afterlife at Hollywood Forever, which has hosted several of these morbidly fun Ramones-themed screenings in the past decade.

Sat., Oct. 3, 5:30 p.m., 2009

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