As in many big cities, the price of real estate in L.A. tends to be too high to permit dive bars to offer those rock-bottom “real dive bar” prices, particularly on the Westside. But Culver City's Cozy Inn at least gives you great value. Its specialty is super-generous, almost obscene pours. You know how if you order, say, a Jameson neat at most places, they give you what essentially amounts to a thimbleful of liquor? At Cozy Inn, it's more akin to a full highball glass. If you need further incentive, the space is large and homey-feeling, with an immaculate shuffleboard, pool, darts and ample parking. But we suspect we had you at “super-generous pours.” 11155 Washington Place, Culver City. (310) 838-3826.

—Ben Westhoff

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