Pole-dancing classes generally promise to simultaneously help students get a hotter bod and teach them talents that will otherwise improve their sex lives. The Cabaret class at Hollywood’s Edge Performing Arts Center offers a more practical bonus: The class’s “across the floor” segment, according to Edge’s website, “is designed to get you comfortable living in your heels!” A former soloist at the now-closed Forty Deuce, instructor Lisa Eaton’s dance credits include Dreamgirls, Glee and the roving burlesque Rogue Cabaret, which she choreographs and directs as well as dances in. Bring your jazz heels and your ID — though retro-vibed and thus not as raunchy as some stripper-inspired workouts, the Cabaret class is nonetheless open only to those over 18. 1020 Cole Ave., 4th floor, Hlwyd. (323) 962-7733, edgepac.com. —Karina Longworth

LA Weekly