Best Way to Gain Water Confidence

Summer swelter in Los Angeles seems to start earlier and end later every year. Heat is the prevailing trend here in Trendville, and this town sweats bullets. A dip in the water helps, and L.A. has plenty of public plunges.

For kids 7 to 18 years old, the John C. Argue Swim Stadium offers the best facility. Don’t let the formidable 1932 façade fool you. Esther Williams won’t be posing on the high dive. What you’ll find beyond the entrance is a modern marvel. The renovation on the Olympic-size pool took place in 2003, and it’s a grand place for swimming.

The 50-meter pool is 3.5 to 12 feet deep. It’s a significant pool for serious swimmers, with six to eight 25-meter lanes, for laps. Recreational swimming is also available. To swim in this pool, you must pass a swim test. Don’t be intimidated. Among the many classes the year-round facility offers, the Level I: Water Confidence class is great for beginners. The class is an introduction to water safety, and acclimates the swimmer to water by teaching basic locomotion. The class meets eight times over two weeks. Each class is 25 minutes and costs $6 per session (call the stadium for session dates).

A large crescent-shaped family pool, 4.5 feet at the deep end, will cool off nonswimmers. An adult must accompany each child under the age of 7. Recreational swim: Daily 1-5 p.m.; $1.50 18 to 64, free 17 and under.

John C. Argue Swim Stadium/EPICC 3980 S. Menlo Ave., L.A., (213) 763-0125, (213) 763-0129, or www.laparks.org

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