Like it or not, medical marijuana has become part of SoCal culture, and the Farmacy on Abbot Kinney knows that an inviting store layout, along with sexy packaging and knowledgeable customer service, is almost as important as the quality of the cannabis itself. With an interior that looks more like a Sephora or a Mac store than a pot outlet, this Venice outpost is one of the sleekest, slickest local dispensaries that's not threatened with closure. The Farmacy not only sells indica, salvia, hybrids, blends, hash, tinctures and concentrates‚ it also has Chinese medicines and other hard-to-find oils and herbs prescribed by naturopaths, holistic experts and alternative healers across the city. But why lie? We're here for the weed, so bring on the exotic strains of the “sacred herb,” and maybe throw in a few freshly made edibles such as the triple-dose peanut-butter cookie, raw vegan chocolate and extra-special Rice Krispies treat, too. Farmacy on Abbot Kinney, 1509 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, 90293, (310) 392-3890,,

—Tanja M. Laden

LA Weekly