Move over, hookah lounges: The vape lounge could be the next big thing. If that happens, VapeDay in South Carthay will be king of them all. The 4,000-square-foot, bright-white store is a bespoke space for the e-cigarette revolution. The place just launched this year. It stays open until midnight and allows you to hang out and sample countless flavors and brands of e-liquid, the nicotine juice that goes into those batter- operated vaporizers. Getting your steam vape on is still legal here, too: The L.A. City Council's decision to treat vaporizers like cigarettes — banning them from bars, clubs and restaurants — doesn't apply to vape lounges. If sitting and puffing isn't your thing, though, you still might want to do a taste test. The number of e-cigarette products out there is staggering, and VapeDay will let you figure out what works for you. —Dennis Romero

6095 W. Pico Blvd., Carthay, 90035. (844) 954-6933,

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