In the town that invented the modern food truck, it has becomes difficult to distinguish one truck from another — not only because we now have a citywide fleet of them but also because L.A. just has too much vehicular traffic in the first place. Hiro Seo, who goes by the name Tomo, decided on a different set of wheels entirely when he dreamed up LuckDish, his L.A. curry rice business: a trailer. Specifically, a refurbished 1968 Airstream that he found in Michigan and drove back to L.A., where he stripped and converted it. The 17-foot trailer is no longer a camping trailer but instead a tiny curry-rice kitchen. Seo makes his curries in the back of the Airstream, cooking them for 48 hours until they turn thick, intense and deeply flavorful. Curry rice, for the uninitiated, is the comfort food of Japan, and to make and sell it out of the back of a camping trailer seems somehow fitting, maybe the closest thing we have to pitching a tent outside a time-worn Shinagawa diner. —Amy Scattergood


LA Weekly