Everyone knows that Hollywood is full of ghosts — both living and dead — and as dusk dies you can join RIP the Undertaker on his walking G-G-G-Ghost Tour, which leaves from the Dearly Departed Tours headquarters on Sunset and takes in the scariest areas of what mere mortals call Tinseltown. White-faced and dressed to the steampunkish nines with a black top hat, skull-adorned chain trench coat, gloves and clunky boots, RIP (aka actor and performance artist Rick Galiher) and his yellowing teeth and booming voice will lead you by flame on a one-mile, two-hour, 100-year history tramp around the darker, more infamous areas of Hollywood Boulevard. Individual headsets ensure you don't miss a word of his ghostly, seedy tales at places like Musso & Frank, Boardner's and the Knickerbocker Apartments, delivered with quips and improvised chatter. Your only duty is to keep your nerve and dress in black to honor those who have gone before.