You've probably had lots of jamaica, tamarindo and horchata, the top three drinks in most Mexican restaurants.  But you probably haven't tried tepache, because few restaurants serve it. While the common drinks often come ready-made in bulk containers for restaurants — although some places do prepare their own — real artisanal tepache takes days to make. So what is tepache? The drink is made with both pineapple and rinds, which are fermented with piloncillo (Mexican unrefined brown sugar cones), water and spices such as cinnamon until the brew starts to get fizzy; then it's strained and chilled. It takes experience to know when the mix has reached the right point, neither too bland nor about to deteriorate into a spoiled mess. At La Guadalupana, a tiny place tucked into a corner mall on West Sixth Street near downtown, the tepache is just right. Tangy, acidic and not very sweet, this drink is the perfect accompaniment to tacos al pastor, a squash flower quesadilla, a torta or pretty much whatever else you happen to order. 1422½ W. Sixth St., Westlake. (213) 483-2973. —Barbara Hansen

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