The 25 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men

Christmas is a time of fun, thanks, and tradition. During the Christmas season there is no better tradition than that of wearing an ugly sweater. The ugly Christmas sweater market has become a multimillion-dollar industry. With so many different companies competing, there is an absolutely overwhelming amount of options on the market and it can be hard to navigate. Luckily, we have done the work for you and compiled a list of our favorite ugly christmas sweaters for men in 2022.

The Best Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters Overall

Creating a great ugly Christmas sweater is a challenge. Companies need to balance comfort, design, and Christmas spirit all to create a sweater people want to wear. All of the options we’ve selected below meet the criteria that we consider when selecting the perfect ugly Christmas sweaters. 

The Best Brands for Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters

In order to be considered one of our best brands for mens ugly Christmas sweaters you need to be great at what you do. Each option below has a specialty that they have mastered be it construction, niche, or design. Find the one that suits you and take a look at their extensive catalogs.


FOCO is one of the largest names in the sports merchandise industry. All of their products are officially licensed, high quality, and game day ready! They have spent years perfecting their designs to be great for casual and superfans alike. Their full selection of Christmas sweaters above are a great way to support your favorite team while staying in the Christmas spirit.

Shop FOCO Mens Christmas Sweaters

2. Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves is a great brand if you look for funny or inappropriate Christmas sweaters this holiday season. As their name suggests they don’t take themselves too seriously and encourage you not to either this holiday season. Their sweaters are affordable and high quality so you can wear them for many Christmases to come!

3. Ugly Christmas Sweater

This brand is so confident in what they do they simply named themselves exactly what they sell, ugly Christmas sweaters. If you are not sure what exactly you’re looking for then this brand is perfect. They have a seemingly endless catalog of options built up over many years so you can always find the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for your holiday gathering. 

4. Ugly Christmas Party

Ugly Christmas sweaters are something to be taken with a bit of humor and even make others laugh. But, finding a good funny ugly Christmas sweater can be a challenge. Luckily, this brand has dedicated itself to making funny Christmas sweaters sure to give everyone a good laugh over the holidays.

5. Opposuits

Opposuits is a brand that specializes in festive, funny, and all round light hearted clothing for all sorts of events. Their bread and butter is their suits but they expanded into all sorts of apparel including holiday sweaters. Their ugly Christmas sweaters come in many different styles from very loud to super subtle designs. Check them out before your next holiday gathering!

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Sports Fans

The holidays are a great time to gather with your family and make sure you remind them that your favorite sports team is going to win it all, once again. All of the sweaters listed below come in multiple teams so if you find a style you like be sure to check it out.

1. Light Up Football Team Sweater

NY Giants Light Up Sweater

The holidays are a time for more than just celebration, it is also a time for sports.  Thanksgiving football is a tradition, and the superbowl is shortly after Christmas. If you’re a football fan then the holidays are the perfect time to show support for your favorite team. With this light up sweater you can remain festive and original while displaying your team spirit at any holiday gathering. This sweater is offered in nearly every team in the league so be sure to check out the link and find your favorite one!

2. Jingle Baller Sweater

Basketball Christmas Sweater

For basketball fans this sweater is the perfect blend of holiday cheer and sports enthusiasm, bound to be a slam dunk at any Christmas party this year. Machine washable and constructed with anti itch fabric, this sweater is easy to care for and comfortable so you can wear it for years to come!  

3. Soccer Santa – Ugly Christmas Sweater

Soccer Santa Christmas Sweater

Soccer, football, whatever you want to call it is the most popular sport in the world so it is only fitting to wear this sweater on the world’s most celebrated holiday. This sweater is made to order and handcrafted so you can rest assured you are getting a great quality product at an affordable price. Be sure to order soon to make sure yours is made in time!

4. More Time for Baseball Sweater

Soccer Christmas Sweater

The world series ends right before the holiday season so it only makes sense you would want to celebrate your favorite sport over the off season. If you know a baseball fan this might also be a fantastic gift option. Be sure to order fast to make sure you get your baseball Christmas sweater in time!  

5. Hockey Gomies Ugly Christmas Sweater

Hockey Christmas Sweater

Hockey is one of the more slept-on winter sports but has, possibly, the most dedicated and excited fanbases. If you are a member of the hockey community and  want everyone to know than this is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for you.

Best Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters on a Budget

The tough part about shopping for a great Christmas sweater is that it’s a limited use item only coming out of the closet a couple of times each year. This means it’s important to get a high quality sweater that will last for many Christmas seasons at a great price. Check out our top picks!  

1. Snowfall Sweater

Ohio State Buckeyes Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you are a college student coming home for the holidays or just a fan of your alma mater then the snowfall sweater collection from FOCO is for you. One of their longest running designs, this is the perfect pick to show support for your favorite school during the holiday season.

2. Colorblock Christmas Elk Sweater

Colorblock Christmas Sweater

SHEIN is a brand known for its affordable clothing with unique designs, a philosophy they have extended to the ugly Christmas sweater. This colorblock sweater manages to come in at $24 but maintains a high quality feel and appearance.

3. Merry Force be With You

Star Wars Christmas Sweater

Kohl’s has many great deals but one of our favorites is this Star Wars inspired ugly Christmas sweater. There is no better conversation starter than talking about a great movie and with this sweater everyone, young and old, will want to talk to you about Star Wars. If you are a movie buff looking to save money and still rock an ugly Christmas sweater this holiday season then look no further.    

4. Robin and Dinosaur Sweater

Asos Christmas Sweater With Dionsaurs

Sometimes bright reds, greens, and crazy patterns can be too much and you just want a sweater that is great for gatherings without being too loud. That is where this sweater shines! Its subtle blues and simple designs make it the perfect affordable Christmas sweater for the more relaxed family. 

5. Nordic Fair Isle Holiday Sweater

Nordic Fair Isle Holiday Sweater

Another great option for those in need of a simple design is the nordic fair isle holiday sweater from Macy’s. Affordable, comfortable, and durable this is a great option to pick up in a pinch. It will wear well with almost any reasonable pair of pants and can be worn for many Christmases to come!

Best Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men

1. Hawaiian Santa Claus

Vacation Santa Christmas Sweater

If there is one place Santa is not supposed to be around Christmas it’s on vacation, but that’s exactly where he is on this ugly sweater. Flip the idea that Santa is a fat guy with some reindeer this holiday season with this Hawaiian Santa Claus sweater this season. An especially great pickup if you are going to be in a warm climate over the holidays.

2. Snowman Balls

Snowman Balls Christmas Sweater

Every ugly Christmas sweater party would not be complete without that one sweater that takes it just a little too far. This snowman ball sweater from is exactly that. Pick it up at your own discretion but it is bound to get reactions and we are pretty sure that most of them will be laughter. 

3. Merry Clickmas

Merry Clickmas Christmas Sweater

Ah yes, the perfect boomer sweater! Whether you are a boomer or just want to poke fun, this sweater is the perfect ironic insult to the modern day “take pictures of everything” culture. This will also make a great sarcastic Christmas photo for that year. Just be sure you don’t wear it too many years in a row or it could get old.

4. Funny Chicken Sweater

Funny Animal Christmas Sweater

Sometimes during the holiday season it can be hard to please everyone, with this sweater you don’t have to. A fantastic conversation starter, you will probably get a lot of questions, jokes, or comments about this sweater. Let people know how you really feel and rock this sweater over the holiday season. 

5. Fireball Sweater

Fireball Christmas Sweater

What is a Christmas party without drinks? Fit the vibe with this Fireball Christmas sweater this holiday season. FIreball is a common drink for Christmas cocktails due to its cinnamon notes but this exact design can be purchased for multiple liquors, if you have one you like best.  

Best Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters from Amazon

The largest online retailer has plenty of options for men in need of ugly Christmas sweaters this holiday season. If you prefer Amazon over company sites don’t fear we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite shops below!


We’ve mentioned them on this list before but wanted to let you know that FOCO is also on Amazon. Whether it’s the shipping, rewards, or user experience of the site, you can shop the best sports inspired ugly Christmas sweaters from FOCO on Amazon!

2. 34HD

If you are a movie buff then you are going to love this brand. 34HD has an entire section of their shop dedicated to ugly Christmas sweaters inspired by movies. Whether you aren’t done with Halloween and want Jason on your sweater or you’re a Mandalorian fan looking for a Mandalorian Christmas sweater 34HD has it! 

3. Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is another brand that we mentioned at the top of the article but wanted to make sure you knew they were on Amazon as well. Take advantage of prime shipping and benefits with one of the top brands for ugly Christmas sweaters this holiday season.

4. You Look Ugly Today

You Look Ugly Today is exactly what you hope people say when wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, well, as long as they are talking about the sweater. This is another great variety option if you aren’t sure what you want. You Look Ugly today has a great collection of simple designs for the more subtle holiday goer with a few crazy ones for those interested. Check them out!

5. Ugly Christmas Party

Where are most people going with an ugly Christmas sweater? An ugly Christmas party, so why not buy a sweater from a brand with the same name? They have some of the craziest designs for everyone from rock fans to anime watchers this brand truly has it all. Visit their Amazon store to see their full selection of options.

Where to Buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Still having trouble finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. Our favorite pick is FOCO. Their designs are unique without being too loud and are also very comfortable. They have a large selection of sweaters so you can always find what suits you. Check them out and we are sure that your search for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater will come to an end.

Common Questions About Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Why do People Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Ugly Christmas sweaters have been a tradition ever since the 80’s when popular tv show and movie characters would wear them during holiday episodes or films. This has since expanded into an American tradition and is a multi million dollar industry every year for apparel companies.

Should Men Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Absolutely! Ugly Christmas sweaters are meant to be worn ironically, as such it is nearly impossible to mess them up or feel embarrassed. Just make sure you keep it to Christmas time or themed gatherings.

Can You Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater When it’s Not Christmas?

You can but it is mostly dependent on the event. One time it may be acceptable is if there is a “Christmas in July” day at your work or if there is a similarly themed party for some other reason. However, we would not recommend wearing them around unironically, especially if it’s a crazy design.

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