Comedy writer Jason Shapiro started the Twitter feed @LosFelizDaycare in 2013, and you would have thought it would be old hat at this point, but there is no shortage of fodder for satirizing young, educated, progressive, Angeleno parents. The feed spoofs not only their child-rearing styles but also their other fixations, such as food trends (“Truffle macaroni art was a huge success today”), mindfulness (“Ramen (3) will only eat white foods but we're letting her live her truth for now.”), debates over gender in pop culture (“Hmm we like that the new Ghostbusters cast is all female but we can't be supporting Judeo-Christian afterlife propaganda”) and, of course, vaccination (“Java (3) is giving a talk on vaccine paranoia vs. vaccine hesitancy tomorrow. Time is meaningless so whenever you come will be the right time.”) It's fun to imagine a daycare in which Intelligentsia shows up in a “Free Adnan” T-shirt and Wren calls Linus a “slacktivist” over the sounds of Sleater-Kinney before everyone sits down to watch Pussy Riot's House of Cards appearance together to avoid spoilers.

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