Ever wonder where all those hipsters find their broken-in cowboy boots and embroidered '70s mini dresses? This city is known for its thrift-store abundance, but at so many shops the only really good stuff is on display in the windows and lacking on the racks. It's different at Squaresville, where the best stuff is inside, although you have to work a bit to find it. If you do some careful perusing, you'll spot all kinds of hidden finds lurking in crowded corners like $45 vintage Frye boots, a $20 vintage suede floppy hat, a party dress for $12. The goods are much cheaper than other picked-over shops that seem stuck with their not-cool-anymore stock. If the best part of being a bargain hunter is the thrill of the hunt, Squaresville makes for a fun and inexpensive way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And because the shop is so generous with their buy-backs — and, well, times is hard — you can often make a killing. 1800 Vermont Ave. (at Franklin Ave.), Los Feliz. (323) 669-8464.

—Linda Immediato

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