Let's face it: Most tattoos look the same. But not the work of Daniel Meyer, a recent Los Angeles transplant from Kassel, a small, ancient city in the heart of Germany. Meyer is an illustrator and graphic designer by trade, which helps explain why his work looks less like tattoos and more like, well, art that just happens to have been injected underneath people's skin. “People are always searching for meaning in tattoos,” the 30-year-old Meyer says. “If someone asked me meaning, I'd say, 'I have no idea.' ” Meyer starts with a consultation and will ask for a few elements from his client — an image or metaphor. He then comes up with an original black-and-white design (Meyer doesn't do color). The result, while not exactly a departure from the normal tattoo syntax of skulls and roses, is entirely unique. That's why he has clients who fly in from all over the world, and why he's got a two- to three-month waiting period.


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