As the great Billy Crystal character Fernando said, “It is better to look good than to feel good.” You would think that such a maxim would rule our world in a town obsessed with celebrities. Not so. Angelenos, especially the men, dress like slobs. Lizon Tailors in Palms can set you straight with a nip-tuck of that oversized suit, those saggy pants and that drooping dress shirt. Well-tailored clothing is in, even if your body is not prepared for it. Al Ozer, Lizon's owner, got his start making suits from scratch in 1966, so he knows his cuts. He started working “to support myself” when he was an orphan, he says. Lizon's prices are moderate — from $10 for a pant-leg hem to $70 to take in the sides of a double-vented suit — but they do the job fast, with quality construction. The small shop has received accolades from such publications as Details and Esquire. “When it comes to quality,” Ozer says confidently, “I'm better than anybody.”

LA Weekly