You can't do much better than paying five bucks for a hilarious, celebrity-packed live show in a 92-seat theater. Shitty Jobs is the highlight of UCB's weekly slate, featuring a rambunctious crew of elastic comedians, most of whom have been making each other laugh on- and offstage since they were undergrads at NYU. The boys interview an audience member about his or her worst job and then spin an impromptu performance from its absurdities; psychotic bosses abound. Ben Schwartz steals every scene he's in on Parks and Recreation as Jean-Ralpio, Aziz Ansari's delusional partner in entrepreneurship and wannabe lothario. Onstage, he crackles, lunges and smirks in equal measure. If you're lucky, effervescent Community star Donald Glover also will be on the bill. Tickets sell out weeks in advance, so plan ahead. 5919 Franklin Ave., Hlywd. (323) 908-8702,

—Amanda Lewis

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