Sam's Hofbrau of downtown L.A. isn't the Rolls Royce of strip clubs. Adjacent to a parking lot of shopping carts and an enormous yellow warehouse not likely to become lofts, Sam's Hofbrau feels more like a pimped-out El Camino, complete with kickin' reggaeton and an interior straight out of a Robert Rodriguez film. Unlike strip clubs of various ilks, the Hofbrau makes no bones about dropping the sweetest Spanish-language jams this side of Juarez. The club is probably the strip bar of choice for Twin Towers prison downtown and, because of some of its straight-from-the-slammer clientele, comes with a long list of rules: “No camera phones, no guns, all head tattoos must be covered, and no pencils or pens.” A side of shivving with lap dance is not out of the question, but every moment at the Hofbrau bar is worth the danger. The low bass drops and bouncing accordion lines fuel sultry activity at the center of the room, while men obscured by gyrating ladies in thongs occupy the booths on the periphery. There's never a bad night at the Hofbrau, and without the usual '80s hair-metal or commercial hip-hop, the Latin jams get the ladies' hips a-shakin' and the tips flyin'. 751 E. Olympic Blvd., dwntwn. (213) 623-3989,

—Drew Tewksbury

LA Weekly