The overflowing mugs of Bass pale ale, the soaking-wet bar and the tattooed vixens once gave Jumbo's Clown Room a sense of authenticity that can be hard to find in an ever-changing Los Angeles. But then a tide of weekend warriors arrived, and it erected an all-wrong velvet rope policy to corral all those tourists hoping to see the stage reportedly once used by Courtney Love. Meanwhile, about a mile down the road, Cheetahs Hollywood retains all that grit with none of the pose. Here's a locals' spot with $10 tequila-and-beer combos and all the tattoos and heels you could ask for. The music is rarely so loud that it stops the mild chit-chat at the bar, and the staff is the definition of unpretentious. Playboy launched an online column about a dancer's life here, and the publication recently shot video of some of the performers in action. But otherwise the place is as laid-back as Jumbo's used to be, which is perfect so long as a tsunami of hipsters doesn't ruin the vibe.

LA Weekly