Conan staff writer Laurie Kilmartin and The Dork Forest host Jackie Kashian are survivors of the '80s comedy boom who've seen, done and, most importantly, dealt with everything the stand-up industry can dish out. As tenets and tastes continue changing, so too do Kashian and Kilmartin's perspectives on what it means — and takes — to succeed. Since January, the duo has co-hosted The Jackie and Laurie Show; they've bitched, waxed poetic, named names, lauded an up-and-coming Female Comic of the Week and shared the bittersweet antics of Laurie's newly live-in mother every Monday on the Nerdist Podcast Network. Or as Kashian put it on the first episode, “As opposed to middle-aged white guys talking about comedy, it's middle-aged white ladies talking about comedy!” No guests or format gimmicks; just hysterical, invaluable insight on how the business really works and how it really feels to be a female in comedy. (Hint: At times frustrating, to say the least.)

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