The idea behind L.A.-based Clutter is so ingenious, we can't believe it took until 2013 for someone to make it happen. Simply put, it's a storage space where they pick up, and later retrieve, your crap for you. The idea is a storage unit that keeps a “visual inventory” of everything they're holding on your behalf, and quickly produces what you want when you want it — more along the lines of an archive than your usual sad rows of boxes of stuff. We will admit, though: We're still stuck on the part where they pick up your stuff. No hauling boxes, no renting trucks, no shlepping out to Timbuktu? It's enough to make you hold onto that 300-pound antique table from Granny, even if you're secretly convinced you'll never be rich enough to have room for it. Moving a bunch of clothes or books off-site? They'll even send over the boxes to hold them. Now that's genius. —Sarah Fenske

12400 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 400, Sawtelle, 90025. (800) 525-6219,

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