The Hive Gallery is like a microcosm of Art Walk. Curated by Nathan Cartwright, this heterogeneous honeycomb showcases a diverse array of local talent ranging from the politically conscious to pop obsession. In the primary gallery space during a recent Art Walk, machine gun/bullhorn amalgamations are juxtaposed with myriad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reinterpretations, an attempt to reclaim the beloved Gen Y franchise from the abuse it suffered at the hands of Michael Bay. This geek-chic aesthetic echoed through Hive's nooks and crannies, which included the comic book collages of Josiah Golojuh and the emo superhero renditions of J Salvador. On Art Walk nights, expect to see local artist/filmmaker Andrew McGregor buzzing about in costuming that varies from crowns and minotaur horns to full superhero bodysuit. If you can only make time to see one gallery on the second Thursday of this month, Hive will provide a full Art Walk experience under one roof. —Mike Ciriaco

729 S. Spring St., dwntwn., 90014. (213) 955-9051,

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