Resident DJs and hosts Christi Mills and Mr. Bootsauce keep the househeads in Hollywood on Thursday nights with Unity. The weekly party goes down at One666 on a cozy dance floor where the residents are joined by guests culled from the local house scene and tour circuit. Recent guests include genre legend Jesse Saunders and London-based DJ/producer Giom. The party also has a good track record for booking women; in fact, for Mills' birthday recently, the lineup was all-female. Deep house is the sound of choice, and the DJs cater to a crowd with discerning tastes: It's the kind of party where you'll see DJs on the dance floor when they aren't playing, and where even the bouncer can catch a groove. Covers vary depending on the guest bookings but veer toward the low end for Hollywood. Follow Unity on Facebook to keep up on lineups, locations, covers and drink specials.