Finding the right soccer game can be tricky. Some games are too hard, some are too easy. Most are disorganized messes, with ornery players and fields that resemble the dust bowls of Rio de Janeiro. Even many of the organized leagues can be cold and unfriendly to the newcomer. That's what makes the Pasadena Adult Soccer League — a privately run operation — so different. It's like a family. Run by a French guy whom everyone calls Frenchy (he plays just about every day and has a Pasadena Adult Soccer League tattoo), the league has games every night, some for men, some for women and some coed. You can join with a team or enter the league as a free agent. Everyone seems to respect one another, and referees keep the peace. The nearly 3,000 players currently enrolled run the gamut in both skill level and age — the oldest player in the league is 68.

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