You trundle into the Apple Store at Westfield Topanga Mall at 10 a.m., when nobody is around. Teens, old folks and refugees from Android who haven't figured out their iPhones all grin sheepishly at one another around a big table set up for the Discover Your iPhone Workshop. The wonderful trainer, Deji, chuckles as he explains embarrassingly obvious stuff like how to move the icons around. Then it gets interesting. Did you know your iPhone is slow because you have 20 apps silently running for no reason? Bingo. Fixed. Isn't it a bitch to go back three or four pages on Safari? Here's how to get around that. Why can't you lock your iPhone horizontally, not just vertically? Sorry, that's gonna be a problem. At the end, after the class has been interrupted twice by a female classmate who answers, yes, two calls, the firm-handed but genial Deji gets a nice ripple of applause. The next level up in these free classes is “Going Further With Your iPhone.” Everyone wants to. 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Canoga Park. (818) 577-1800, reservations a must at —Jill Stewart

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