Channel Street Skatepark in San Pedro is unlike any other skatepark in Los Angeles, and for good reason. It's a hand-built, donation-driven park that's the product of skateboarders cutting through red tape and emerging victorious. Though it's nestled under the 110 freeway and next to a set of Port of Los Angeles train tracks, Channel Street is a communal place, from its construction to its funding. Construction began in 2002, and they're still busy tweaking the park, with continuous revisions and additions. That's another unique element that no other park in L.A. County shares. While Channel Street isn't as manicured as some of its Westside contemporaries, this blood-and-sweat product of people who actually skateboard has attracted a lot of professional attention. Channel Street has been featured in a number of music videos and commercials. If you follow etiquette and pick up your trash, Channel Street will give back to you, too. 610 W. Channel St., San Pedro. (310) 548-2909,

—K.C. Libman

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