Bumper-to-bumper on the 110 got you bummed? There's a popular shortcut next to the 110 that'll let you breeze by hundreds of cars. If you're coming from Dodger Stadium or the Nickel headed south to the Santa Monica Freeway, get in the right lane as you pass under the 101 Hollywood Freeway. There's a sign that says, “110, 6th Street, Wilshire Boulevard,” and that's the lane you want. Stay in it. While the 101 and 110 traffic are merging into a center-lane bottleneck on the 110 so they can get to the 10, you'll be flying past them on the right. After about a minute there's a small “110 S” sign. Move to the left lane, and slip back on the 110. Savings: five minutes or more, and your sanity.

—David Futch

LA Weekly