It's easy to miss No. 1 Noodle House, tucked away in one of the newer mini-malls at the corner of Colima and Fullerton. But once you locate the spot, the bowls of dan dan noodles are more than worth the effort. It's a rather bare-bones operation, and the minimalism suits. There'll be a laminated menu or two at the counter, but you can just look to the row of photographed house specialties installed at the back wall — among which you'll find dan dan noodles spelled “don don noodles.” The noodles come in two sizes, and there are four steps on the scale of spiciness, from wei (slight) to da (heavy). Noodles are slightly thicker and cooked a shade before they turn soft, a welcome departure for anyone who prefers noodles with some chewiness. The components of sesame sauce, scallions, dried chilis and ground pork may appear familiar, but the composite will make clear the difference in ingredients used. It's a more complex and compelling bowl of dan dan noodle than you might find anywhere else in the SGV. 18180 Colima Road, Rowland Heights. (626) 839-7093. —Christine Chiao

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