Feeling the need to overshare? Dixie De La Tour has just the thing for you: Bawdy Storytelling, a hypersexual riff on more traditional storytelling shows like the Moth. It has been going on in San Francisco for about five years and still holds regular shows up north but extended here earlier this summer. Shows are held monthly in L.A. at El Cid, and potential participants are encouraged to email De La Tour their true-to-life ideas. Even in an age of sharing everything, there's still something exciting about laying it all bare for an audience to take in — and Bawdy Storytelling is all kinds of bare. 4212 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake, 90029. dixie@bawdystorytelling.com, bawdystorytelling.com. —Kevin O'Keeffe

LA Weekly