Hidden behind a taxi garage on a dead-end street in North Hollywood, the safe word for the Bullet is “anonymity.” Pull back the blackout curtain at the front entrance, and you're transported into a pre-Grindr time capsule of assless leather chaps, handlebar mustaches and amyl nitrate. This gay dive bar caters primarily to a Tom of Finland–era demographic, although recently millennials have been quietly flocking to its shadowy seclusion to publicly play out their fetish fantasies. Bullet hosts a number of kink-catering nights, such as Spank Karaoke, Crisco Disco and Pitch Your Tent, but patrons tend to dictate the theme of the evening themselves. Don't be surprised to walk in and find the space overrun by a gaggle of Diaper Lovers waddling around in adult-sized Huggies, or a pack of Pup Play enthusiasts prowling in their canine hoods and doggy-tail butt plugs. Often, the more vanilla regulars will interact with their edgier counterparts, sometimes even experimenting in a new predilection. It's cool; Bullet can keep a secret.

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