This city consumes massive amounts of chorizo, in breakfast burritos and late-night tacos across the Southland. So why does so much of it suck? Humberto Raygoza, also known as the Choriman, is working to change that, slowly building accounts for his house-made chorizo via social media, word-of-mouth and this year's Tacolandia. Currently, Raygoza's chorizo can be found at both Federal Bar outposts in Long Beach and North Hollywood, though it first came into view at Del Rey Deli Co., where the perfectly realized Argentine, Spanish and Portuguese chorizo gussy up several dishes. Del Rey's breakfast menu acts as a calling card for the humble Raygoza, who cranks out pounds of his family-recipe chorizo, including a green Tolucan verde version, from his home in Culver City. (He's the fourth generation of his family to be a chorizo maker.) Between Instagram, Twitter and ordering over the counter direct from Del Rey Deli, Raygoza's one-man artisan empire is helping to un-suckify L.A.'s chorizo scene. —Farley Elliott,

LA Weekly