Please don't call lahmajune “Armenian pizza.” Pizza is a fantastic food, but calling every savory snack on a flat, dough base an “[insert ethnicity] pizza” is lazy and inaccurate. Lahmajune feature a subtly piquant, herby orange-red sauce, slathered modestly on an impossibly thin and toothsome round piece of dough that gets just a bit crispy in the oven. Small flecks of meat complete this food miracle. They're an addictive snack or the center of a meal. You buy a stack of them in a bag and can heat them up at home. Lahmajune Factory does its namesake treat and other savory Armenian baked goods — manakish, beorek, sfiha — incredibly well. The fillings of these snacks can include spicy cheese, spinach, Angus beef, onions, pine nuts and other delicious stuff, and the Factory's friendly counter help will explain the exotic offerings to you. I dare you to buy one of these carby taste explosions and not eat the whole thing while waiting at red lights on the way home.

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