Movies these days — there's those whippersnapper kids and their distracting computer phones, there's those ruffian scenester movie snobs and their jarringly inappropriate meta-ironic laughter. You don't want any of them around while you're necking during the newest talkie — especially if you're keen on the term “necking.” Where can you romance your paramour like one did in the '50s? Lovers Lane is gone and the Zodiac Killer is still at large. Thankfully, the Vineland Drive-In Movie Theater has four screens of first-run double features, which will safely backdrop your retro woo-making sessions within the quiet confines of your hot rod. A mere $8.50 (or 68 bits) each gets you and your main squeeze an evening's entertainment. Sure, if you want to bring a group and sit on lawn chairs, you can do that, too. Arrive before dusk, keep the heavy petting to a minimum and be sure to check out the old-school snack bar (with new-school prices, of course). 443 N. Vineland Ave., City of Industry. (626) 961-9262,

—Paul T. Bradley

LA Weekly