When it comes to record stores in East L.A., Lovell's Records & Tapes in Whittier has a wider selection of music and formats, but the Record Jungle in Montebello is literally a dream come true. If, that is, you're the kind of vinyl-collecting music geek or spun-out turntable die-hard who has recurring dreams about magic record bazaars. There's a fantastic sense of random discovery when you paw through the bulging stacks of used LPs and 45s, which spill out like plastic lava in every direction in easygoing owner Andy Perez's bedroom-size emporium. Broadway cast albums are most often sighted in one corner of the store, and rap and funk are generally along another wall, while classic rock, new wave, oldies, pop, classical and comedy are mixed together in no particular order. Everything's cheap and democratic. For instance, all singles are $2, whether a prized, mint-condition, French-import 7-inch by Alex Chilton or a battered, sleeveless old Beatles single. 2461 W. Whittier Blvd., Ste. B, Montebello, 90640. (323) 725-0940, recordjungle.com. —Falling James

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