Founded by a loose collection of CalArts grads in 2011, KCHUNG Radio mixes talk, experimental performance and music in an anarchic format (no rigorous schedules, no rules). For example, under his alias Guru Rugu, artist Adam Overton once aired an eight-hour show in which he and a handful of guests exceeded the recommended limits of five-hour energy drinks in “a voyage into astrally caffeinated realms.” Artist Chrysanthe Oltmann has a feminist/comedy show called Vajammin. And Michael Piña's science show, Nature Boy, features interviews with scientists. Run like a co-op, KCHUNG requires participants to pay monthly dues to cover the space and technical stuff; timeslots are first come, first served. The actual range of frequency reaches only a three-block radius from the control center of its Chinatown studio, but that keeps the station out of the FCC's jurisdiction and allows KCHUNG artists to rethink the possibilities within radio's constraints. The station also streams online, and was featured this past summer at the Hammer Museum's biennial “Made in L.A.” —Wendy Gilmartin

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