Burritos and tacos all have their place, but sometimes you need a little something more to save you after a night of heavy drinking. Enter the al pastor quesadilla from El Chato Taco Truck. With mounds and mounds of perfectly melted cheese, the griddled quesadilla is a work of late-night magic. Add to that El Chato's notoriously spicy, smoky al pastor (marinated pork that's been dashed with pineapple and cooked on a vertical spit) and you've got a meaty, cheesy, crispy bit of late-night perfection. At $4 each, the quesadillas could easily serve as a sober man's dinner and next-day lunch, but it's best to toss decorum aside when standing on a street corner ordering food from a taco truck. The only thing you'll have left over tomorrow is a T-shirt stain and a grin. Corner of Olympic & La Brea, Mid-City. —Farley Elliott

LA Weekly