What do insanely decadent and delicious slow-cooked meat, punk rock and the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Farm have in common? Nothing but Big Time Harvey's Big Time Sandwich, the newest adventure in self-reinvention by Matty Goodman, known to many from his career in styling, and to more still from his leadership of kick-ass punk band Soccermom but to surprisingly few as the son of the undisputed king of pastrami and chili in his hometown of Los Angeles. Harvey Goodman, for many years with the help of his young son and apprentice, crafted slow-simmered, secret-spiced, sliced meat — as well as avalanches of savory, hearty chili — for iconic venues from Pink's and Langer's to the original and famous Tommy Burger. As Matty returns to his roots, he's evolved a menu celebrating what he calls “the true native food of Los Angeles.” A bit like the old Monty Python “Spam” sketch, pastrami and chili appear in every possible combination of fries, dogs, burgers, hand-layered Frito pie and something rather accurately called the Heart Attack. Already in the habit of hosting campy movies and live art shows, the store has a painted mural — a life-size replica of a child's barnyard play set. Of course, young Matty was busy in the kitchen. 12473 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City. (310) 397-4900; bigtimeharveys.com.

—Shana Nys Dambrot

LA Weekly