In a town teeming with super-rad public art spray-painted across buildings, stickered onto scaffolding, dangling from power lines and hacked into digital billboards (yay, Skullphone!), who can say where and what “the best” is?

I can.

There’s a building in Venice on the southwest corner of Brooks and Pacific that houses an art gallery of sorts, and is home to all kinds of strange, occult happenings. The outside of Pacific Nexus Gallery is home to a revolving, ever-evolving slate of artistic expression that beckons closer inspection, thoughtful reflection and smiles. A sticker series featuring cockroaches with security cameras as heads was followed by a herd of butterflies sprouting satellite dishes. In the passing days, the previously black-and-white butterflies attracted a layer of color, which then attracted a layer of glitter. Painted text that read “Kill Art Now” finished off the communal collaboration. The wall has since housed fighting zebras and unicorns and dead movie-star zombies and random gang tags and, my favorite, the chalk outline of a shade tree next to the words, “Lost. Have you seen my friends?”

Here’s to more public art. Everywhere.

Corner of Brooks and Pacific avenues, Venice.

LA Weekly