Trust your instinct. Pay attention to your gut feelings. Listen to that little voice inside. Let your conscience be your guide. You may be asking yourself, “How?” and the answer is simple: Trust your intuition. If only it were that easy to do. Luckily, the Southern California Psychic Institute can help. No, this academy won't teach you how to become a storefront fortune teller. Yes, you'll learn to do palm, tarot, aura, spirit guide and/or past-life readings, but who you're really learning to contact is yourself, beyond all your day-to-day, terrestrial baggage. Under the auspices of Santa Monica's Church of the Rose, husband and wife Joel and Barbara Hipps founded the Southern California Psychic Institute in 1995. More than 20 years later, the school continues to provide healing and meditation classes, which teach you to relax, breathe and visualize who you really are beneath all the projections and expectations of others. You may not be able to predict winning lottery numbers, but you will realize that your true self can't be defined by others, and that you are more than just the sum of your life experiences. You are who you are, and the sooner you realize exactly who that is, the sooner you'll be able to understand what it is you're supposed to be doing on this planet.

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